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Kazayama fic (Gokusen 3)

I'm having new obsession rite now. Ogata Yamato x Kazama Ren (or Kazayama) from Gokusen 3. They are just soooo adorable and i'm starting to become a full-time Takaki Yuya fan. So, 1 way to show my love towards this sweet couple is by making fanfic since i'm not that good in any other way. Also because i’m frustrated with the amount of kazama x yamato fic out there so I decided to add the little amount by making one myself. Though not very good, hope u guyz like it ! (^_^)



Title: Cute

Pairing: Kazama Ren x Ogata Yamato

Rating: G

Author: fyXyse-chan
Summary: Kazama had a change of perception towards Yamato

Kazama thinks he’s having some illness. And he thinks it has something to do with Yamato.


His heart would suddenly beat faster at random times. Curiously, it only occurred during the day. And more curiously, it only occurred when Yamato was there, anywhere near him, with his cool hair and cool smile. In fact, anything about him is cool. He is one of the lucky ones who are born to be cool effortlessly.


But recently, Kazama started to think that Yamato is somewhat cute.


Kazama especially likes it when Yamato smiles. His smile is so cute that Kazama didn’t mind doing stupid and silly jokes just so Yamato would smile at his silliness. The way his lips elevate a little at the corner, not a wide smile but just sweet. Frequent he found himself thinking about new stupid jokes to tell Yamato tomorrow when he lied down on his bed just because he wanted so badly to see Yamato’s smile. How his sister when she just came back from her job, entered the house and she would find Kazama with a serious expression on his face and mumbling something endlessly. Such occasion in which the clock is already 3 am.


And he really likes it when he called Yamato from behind and Yamato had to turn his head and the way his hair swayed softly. Kazama sometimes repeat it a couple of times until Yamato felt annoyed because he thought Yamato’s annoyed face is also cute. The way his brows furrowed together and the way his lips pout when he realized Kazama was just playing with him. And when Kazama apologized, Yamato would give a cute chuckle with his cute smile and replied it’s okay.


Kazama likes it when together with the other guys, when anyone made jokes which were really funny, Yamato would laugh because Kazama thinks that Yamato’s laugh is sweet and melodious. How his head at first somewhat tilted up and then he’ll be looking down, still with a cute smile on his face. Frequent the other guys thought that Kazama was weird because when others are laughing, he didn’t laugh. Instead he was just staring at somewhere with a stupid smile on his face, when in fact Kazama was actually staring at Yamato laughing.


Kazama likes it best when he is alone with Yamato and he could sense Yamato’s presence even if he closed his eyes and he could smell the cologne that Yamato applies which was not so intense but just right and just sweet. How he would picture himself and Yamato alone, at the beach watching the sunset or on a mountain running happily together. Frequent Yamato would shake him to reality and ask why are you smiling so stupidly. Yamato had his cute annoyed face which cause Kazama to smile stupidly again.


Also, Kazama likes it when he and Yamato were walking together and he would put his arm around Yamato’s shoulder (though he preferred to put it around Yamato’s waist). How he would compare Yamato’s shoulder with his and how he would find that Yamato had such small frame. It made Kazama think that Yamato is somewhat petite and so cute even though Yamato is shorter only a few centimeters from him. Frequent Kazama would find himself feeling helplessly overprotective towards Yamato and wanted to shield him from any harm but end up being protected by Yamato instead. Such occasion in which he would realize that Yamato is in fact cool.


Kazama thinks besides having heart problem he also had vision problem and even those that concerns his sexuality preponderance. But he doesn’t really mind having it as long as it involves Yamato.


*~* owari *~*


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Feb. 8th, 2012 03:33 pm (UTC)
this is so cute >< just as the title~
i like it so much
it's rarely find kazayama fic T_T i wonder why
i like your fic ^^
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